Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.Hello! In this post, I would like to share my experience at Basic Training Student Leadership or we call it LDKS (Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Siswa)!On the first day, all 10th graders in 3 Senior Highschool gather in Pussenif. Pussenif is Pusat Kesenjataan Infanteri (Infantry Weapons Center). We were divided into several groups and I was in first group. OSIS and Infantry, they were the commitee that was responsible to train us in this leadership training but Infantry was the main persons train us in this leadership training. After that we were go to hall, We ate there but we were only given about 3 minutes, and thats hard to consume all the food.We slept in barracks. On the second day we were awakened very early and had to go out of the barracks as quickly as possible and we was late to go out of the barracks. So we were punished. We had to do push up.
At night we must go to the grave and traind our bravery there.Last day we were packing and gather at court and d…

My Bad Expirience

Hello friends! Welcome to my blog! In this post, I’m would like to tell you about my awful moment when I was a junior high school student. At that day, my mother had a plan to fetch me and my sister from school. The school ended at 4 p.m. and i wanted to play with my friends. So, i left my sister and played until my mother come. But when my friends and all of the teachers went home, my mother had not come yet. So, I waited in front of the school gate. 

Until the azan, my mother still did not come. We could not call them because of one of school regulation that the student is not permitted to bring any electronic stuff except it’s needed. I did not have any cell phone yet at that time. Then we decided to pray first and then wait again.

Fortunately, my parents friend came to us and said that we have to go home by ourself. After that, he gave us some money to go home. Finally, we arrived at home at 7.30 PM.

I think that's all for this post. I'm sorry if it is too short. Bye! See you…

Holiday Conversation

Hello guys! In this post, I would like to give you a conversation about my holiday plan. This conversation has been done with my friends in school. They are Aira and Rafid. In this conversation, I asked them about their holiday plan. *note: It’s just imaginary conversation Rafid: Hello guys! Aira: Hello Rafid! Good Morning! Me: Hi Rafid! Good Morning! Rafid: Morning! I have a good news friends. Me: What is the news? Aira: C’mon friend, tell us about that. Rafid: OK, the good news is we’re gonna have two weeks holiday in the end of the semester. Have you made a holiday plan? Aira: I think I’ll not enjoy this holiday, because I have to attend Mr. Agus class. Because I failed in my examination and I seldom do my homework. How about you Naufal ? Me: I don’t know. But maybe I will go to Lombok Island, my mother hometown. Rafid: How long will you be there? Me: I’ll be there for a week. I’m just guessing. Aira: What will you do there ? Me:  I’ll go to some beaches, like Senggigi Beach, Pandanan Beach, and …

Historical Place in Bandung

Hello friends ! Welcome to my blog.

In this post, I'd like to tell you about one of historical place in Bandung. This place is not only known by the people of Bandung, but also the Indonesian. This place is still used by the government. Can you guess what place it is ?

Here it is....

Yes, this place is Gedung Sate.

Gedung Sate is a public building in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.
Its common name, Gedung sate, is a nickname that translates literally from Indonesian to 'satay building’. It has six satay ornaments on its central building. It has long been a landmark of Bandung City which is not only known to the people in West Java , but also all of Indonesia even the model of the building was made a sign for some buildings and signs of the city in West java.
If you want to know more about this place you can check out a video that me and my friend have made. Here is the link : Alright guys, I think that is for this post. Hope you enjoy an…

English Conversation

Now I would like to give you an example of a conversation about introducing ourselves in public place.       Udin and Opal are schoolmates. Both of them are freshmen in their school.  They always say salam when they meet to another people. Finally they meet when the school was end for that day. Udin : Assalamualaikum
Opal : Waalaikumussalam
Udin : I don’t think we have met.
Opal : It’s true, we never met before
Udin : May I introduce myself? I am.   Shalahuddin Yusuf.
Opal : My name is Naufal Mufiddin.
Udin : Sorry, what’s your name again?
Opal : Naufal Mufiddin.
Udin : What a meaningful name !
Opal : Thank you.
Udin : How do I call you ?
Opal : You can call me Opal. And what should I call you?
Udin : Just call me Udin.
Opal : By the way,  where do you live  Udin ?
Udin : I live in Jl.  Pertamax II number 19. And how about you Opal ?
Opal : I live in Jl.  Pertamax III number 20. Now,  I realize that we are living in the same neighborhood.
Udin : Yes, me too.  But I've nev…

All About Me

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.