English Conversation

Now I would like to give you an example of a conversation about introducing ourselves in public place.       Udin and Opal are schoolmates. Both of them are freshmen in their school.  They always say salam when they meet to another people. Finally they meet when the school was end for that day. Udin : Assalamualaikum
Opal : Waalaikumussalam
Udin : I don’t think we have met.
Opal : It’s true, we never met before
Udin : May I introduce myself? I am.   Shalahuddin Yusuf.
Opal : My name is Naufal Mufiddin.
Udin : Sorry, what’s your name again?
Opal : Naufal Mufiddin.
Udin : What a meaningful name !
Opal : Thank you.
Udin : How do I call you ?
Opal : You can call me Opal. And what should I call you?
Udin : Just call me Udin.
Opal : By the way,  where do you live  Udin ?
Udin : I live in Jl.  Pertamax II number 19. And how about you Opal ?
Opal : I live in Jl.  Pertamax III number 20. Now,  I realize that we are living in the same neighborhood.
Udin : Yes, me too.  But I've nev…

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